NATILUS Water Treatment and Medical Limited Company started its commercial business life in 1997 in Istanbul,till today for life source of water manufactures Ultra Pure Water instruments especially for hospitals and drinking water systems sales and marketing. Since Natilus Ltd. was established , it has the capability to provide complete solutions in any step of water purification, starting from pretreatment of raw water (appx. 7000 µS.cm) to obtain ultra pure water (appx. 18,3 megaohm). Also Natilus Ltd. is a company whose goal is to offer new technologies in water and water treatment industry to the Turkish market with its solution partners. Natilus Ltd. is continueing its studies with the goal of serving more efficiently, in Turkey where there is a huge market potential. Our products AquaMed Ultra Pure Water and AquaSoft Drinking Water Systems,including yearly technical services and rental basis offers to customers as alternatively. Besides Natilus also interested in with the Environmental Technology Waste Section and with the latest technology and innovations offers to Turkish market with its solutions partners. AquaMed produce‘'Ultra Pure Water systems'', sales and gives the technical support to sold products in all over the Turkey.Since 12 years 750 points of health organisations in Turkey , AquaMed gives Ultra Pure Water systems sales and technical service support. Health organisations which their main occupation is human health ,choose their partners religiously.Till today we gave the answer with our qualified understandings to health organisations religious demands.Since 2007 NATILUS added to its production panel healty "Drinking Water Systems" With our customer satisfaction understanding we created AquaSoft Mark for Drinking Water systems in order to give most trustable and quality water.

Our claim is, to give best ,best suitable price to customers with our manufacturer advantage and wide technical services network.
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